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Chase Breitenbach


Chase is from Los Angeles, California, and majored in Petroleum Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. He received three separate merit scholarships for his accomplishments at the nation’s premier Petroleum Engineering program. Prior to his time spent at university, Chase received an entrepreneurship grant from Duke University.

Chase’s past work experience includes conducting research at The University of Texas at Austin on convolutional neural networks and their possible role in estimating petrochemical reserves. His work resulted in programming a predictive workflow to estimate Original Oil-in-Place of geological formations given visual data logs.

Chase is the acting Chief Executive Officer of DCA Electrical.

Mitchell Meyers


Mitchell is from Fort Worth, Texas, and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a major in Finance and minor in Accounting.

Mitchell’s past work experience includes working within the Corporate Derivatives Marketing Division on the Commodities team at JP Morgan Chase & Co. In this role, he specialized in energy derivatives, financial analysis, and operational management.

Mitchell is the acting President of DCA Electrical.

Bodie Richardson


Bodie is from Las Vegas, Nevada, and graduated from The University of Colorado Boulder with a major in Information Management and Data Analytics. In conjunction with his degree, he received a Global Business Certificate for his role as a Data Analyst in Berlin, Germany.

Bodie’s past work experience includes working as a computer programmer and financial analyst. He has vast experience in software development, data analytics, and programming.

Bodie is the acting Chief Technology Officer of DCA Electrical.

Austin Allen


Austin is from Laredo, Texas, and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Accounting. Following his undergraduate studies, he continued at The University of Texas at Austin within the Managerial and Controls track of the Masters in Professional Accounting Program.

Austin’s past work experience includes brokering loans and developing a highly-efficient accounting system for his former employer. While he specializes in formal accounting practices, Austin has past involvement in regulatory compliance and risk management as well.

Austin is the acting Chief Financial Officer, and Head of Legislative Affairs, of DCA Electrical.

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