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In tune with the modern world

What We Offer?

Increase bottom line with DCA 

We offer a solution to power producers as an alternative on-site consumer offering a premium above market price, and a floor price DCA will never drop below, thereby guaranteeing additional profits over any consumer competitors.

Offer a premium above market

No maintenance cost to power producers

Equipment is dependable and compact

Increased gross profits margins by 24%

Operate remotely

Patent-pending software

Why Should You Choose Us?


Our objective at DCA Electrical is to mitigate the intraday downswings in electricity pricing seen by power producers in the modern era of renewable energy. By offering an alternative on-site consumer which will functionally bid against the price the power producer is currently receiving, we hope to keep countless energy companies in business.


With a vast database of live statistics on-hand, and by using our proprietary auto-liquidation software which sells our cryptocurrency assets instantaneously, our proprietary technology can calculate profitability margins for cryptocurrency mining at a moments notice.


By comparing our profitability metric to the price-point other consumers are offering our customer, our software can choose to purchase the allotted electricity if we are profitable or to re-route the electricity to the original consumer if we are not; thereby guaranteeing our customer, and ourselves, a no-loss situation.


Remote Functionality

Our equipment is incredibly compact, makes little noise, and we are able to operate all of our equipment remotely. These facts should dispel any concerns that power producers might have concerning a negative impact we could have on their current operations.


Zero Speculation

We do not speculate on the future price of electricity or cryptocurrency, rather, we use cryptocurrency mining, in conjunction with our proprietary technology to auto-liquidate cryptocurrency assets, as an alternative electricity consumer working in real-time to optimize profit margins for power producers.


Not a Cryptocurrency Company

We are a solutions firm focused on mitigating the negative impacts of intraday electricity price volatility caused by the exponential increase in renewable energy production.

Key Features

Increasing the Bottom Line of Power Producers

DCA Electrical offers a unique solution to the electricity market's intraday price volatility, caused mainly by the renewable energy overbuild, as an alternative on-site consumer that operates on an hourly basis. Our operation consists of installing cryptocurrency mining equipment on-site at power production facilities and, by using our proprietary software, offering a premium, and floor price, above the market price for electricity when our profitability metrics allow. By only purchasing energy when we are able to offer a premium above all other mechanisms, we guarantee additional profits to power producers.

We offer a floor price that we will never drop below

We only purchase electricity when we are able to offer a premium

We do not charge a maintenance or installation cost

Our software and functionality are patent-pending 

We operate remotely post-installation aside from equipment checks

Our equipment is dependable and compact 

Problem Size by the Numbers

Renewable-heavy states (40%+)

11 US States

The continued renewable energy overbuild has left many positive impacts on the environment and society as a whole. However, left in the wake of the renewable energy overbuild is volatile intraday electricity prices due to their infrequent supply of energy. There are currently 11 states producing over 40% of their electricity supply from renewable sources

Electricity production (40%+ states)

73,210 mWh

Subject to the supply and demand curve, a litany of power producers, specifically those in states where over 40% of the electricity supply comes from renewable sources, are currently held captive to multiple hours per day of negative prices for their electricity. The total electricity production of these states amounted to 73,210 megawatt-hours in 2021.

So that's us. There's no other way to put it.



Meet DCA

Chase Breitenbach


Chase is from Los Angeles, California, and majored in Petroleum Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

Mitchell Meyers


Mitchell is from Fort Worth, Texas, and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a major in Finance and minor in Accounting.

Bodie Richardson


Bodie is from Las Vegas, Nevada, and graduated from The University of Colorado Boulder with a major in Information Management and Data Analytics.

Austin Allen


Austin is from Laredo, Texas, and
graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Accounting.

DCA Electrical consists of a core of four tight-knit individuals, such as former college roommates and cousins. We began working together on DCA in August of 2021.

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